Titan Data Vault

Our Titan Data Vault securely stores customer’s payment information for future purchases, subscriptions, and layaway plans.  The Vault also allows you to build customer profiles and extend VIP invitations using multidimensional historical data.

Titan Data Vault Features:
  • Customer Portal To Access Account Information
  • Reduced Customer Service Costs
  • Reduced Declines
  • Improved Marketing and VIP Rewards
  • Our Layaway Feature Increases High-End Purchases
  • Improved Customer Shopping Experience

What Sets Us Apart:


Tokenization is a process that replaces Primary Account Number (PAN) data with a “token” consisting of nonsensical numbers.  Generating tokens is not difficult, but securing tokens and creating an end-to-end encrypted ecosystem is.  Many merchants, CRM’s, gateways, and third-party providers remain vulnerable because they lack the security expertise to protect the token server.

What sets us apart from the competition is the strength and irreversibility of the methodology we use to generate tokens, and our end-to-end encryption using clustered databases and cloud web servers.  With a data vault that exceeds PCI DSS best practices, merchants can confidently store tokens and access customer data without the security implications and risks associated with storing the data on their system. 

Expired Card Recovery

MasterCard reports that recurring decline rates average 25 to 30%.   Are you losing customers and profits due to expired cards or transaction timing?  Our proprietary algorithms resubmit declined transactions and boost your bottom line. 

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