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Thinking Ahead So You Aren’t Left Behind

The Problem

Payment processing has become increasingly complex and burdensome for merchants to manage. With the plethora of new payment methods, including digital currencies, and the ever-changing rules imposed by the card associations and the FTC merchants lack the in-housel knowledge and resources necessary to keep up.

The Solution

DigiPay Consulting Group. We instantly expand your team to include experienced payment experts with the knowledge you need to craft the right solutions at the lowest cost.

As a risk-holding payment provider with in-house underwriting and risk management we provide the transparency you need to maintain a healthy merchant account. Our experience managing high-volume, high-risk MIDs and deep expertise in fraud, charge-backs, and FTC regulations allows you to reallocate resources towards growth initiatives.

Our sole focus is payments and we know it better than anyone. We attend every important payment conference and transfer this knowledge so you have the best payment solutions not only for today, but tomorrow. From bitcoin and emerging digital currencies to leveraging transactional data to predict customer behavior we are thinking ahead so you aren’t left behind. Contact us at 888-899-9811 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the benefits of a professional services agreement.

DigiPay Consulting Group Offers:
  • MID acquisition and management (domestic and off-shore)
  • Underwriting and risk management monitoring
  • Gateway and product integration
  • Merchant statement analysis
  • Monthly merchant statement auditing
  • Cost plus pricing
  • Omni channel payments aligned with business objectives
DigiPay Professional Services Will:
  • Allow management to focus on initiatives that increase sales and revenue
  • Provide independent advice from experts with insider knowledge
  • Create operational and fiscal efficiencies
  • Review business practices to aid in reducing fraud and charge-backs
  • Align business goals and sales with an omni-channel payment strategy
  • Identify alternative payments to broaden customers’ payment choices and reduce costs
  • Identify novel ways to use transaction data to increase sales

DigiPay Consulting Group Expands Your Team and Your Opportunity For Growth

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