Origin Story

Mike Ackerman, President and co-founder of Digital Payment Solutions “DigiPay” is a visionary leader and foremost authority in merchant processing and payment technology. With 25 years executive management experience in banking and merchant processing Mike has led companies through start-up, turnaround and critical growth phases earning him a reputation as a dynamic manager.

Mike’s career in merchant processing launched with Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS) more than 20 years ago.  From BAMS Mike was recruited to Union Bank (owned by Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi) as SVP to manage merchant acquiring where he achieved triple digit growth in accounts and revenue year after year.  He has served in senior level executive positions for the largest processors and acquirers as well as First Data’s largest ISO.  As a consultant to security technology startup CreditDiscovery Mike developed significant partnering opportunities with Chase and Nova resulting in a successful acquisition.

Mike founded DigiPay as an independent payment provider that is agnostic with respect to banks and technology.  The Digipay team is an extension of his vision to bring customers the trusted advice they need and worldwide banking relationships including offshore direct PSP agreements so they can grow their business. With DigiPay clients have access to senior managers with experience in operations, underwriting, and risk management to ensure a healthy merchant account.

Specialties include high-risk and international processing, data security, risk management, national accounts, and payment solutions for merchants with complex service needs. 

DigiPay Culture

Our culture is relationship driven and dynamic. We love new ideas and learning about our merchants business so we can help them find new and better ways of facilitating payments and increasing sales.  We embrace curiosity and value creative intelligence because the payments landscape is always changing.  It is our quest for excellence and obsessive drive to improve every aspect of payment processing that keeps everyone excited and committed to working with or for DigiPay.

At DigiPay solving complex problems is our forte.  We see big challenges as opportunities to differentiate ourselves and increase our knowledge to better serve our valued clients.

A Customer-Centric Approach

The DigiPay team and our partners are experts in global transaction processing, security, and payment technology. The result, solutions that create fiscal and operational efficiencies while simplifying payment processing.

By surrounding ourselves with world-class partners who have proven best in class products we ensure our clients are poised for success.

In the changing world of payment processing merchants need more than a processor.  They need a partner with the experience and knowledge to navigate increasing complexities.  DigiPay delivers on all counts.

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