Payment Gateway

Powerful Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway functions as a power strip connected to a complete line of plug and play tools to help you streamline operations. High-risk? Our proprietary integrations are engineered to prevent chargebacks and fraud before they happen.

Integrating to our secure payment gateway enables you to offer a range of multi-currency checkout options and to process, accept and manage customer payments directly from your site.

Scalable. Customized. Unified.

We support redirect integration and direct API integration. Our system has the unique capability of passing data to other systems engaged in the transaction. This not only creates a more secure environment, but also relieves you from managing the flow of data, and provides a clear boundary for PCI Compliance.

Leveraging customize rules we create thresholds to help you better manage your business and mitigate risk. With expert guidance every step of the way, we support you throughout the implementation, and beyond.

Key Features
  • Real-time Processing
  • Complete back office reporting
  • PCI compliant
  • 24/7 system monitoring and technical support
  • 3D Secure/VBV
  • CVV2/AVS
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Recurring billing
  • Multi-currency
  • Advanced proprietary fraud detection and management tools
  • Seamless Integration

Our job is to make your job easier and your company more profitable. Use our services to create a more successful and efficient operation. DigiPay can provide comprehensive solutions, either individually or as part of your entire infrastructure.

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