If your business is classified as high-risk we understand you have complex payment needs and must continually adapt to ever changing rules and regulations. As a risk-holding payment provider we offer in-house underwriting and risk management to help you maintain a healthy merchant account processing at the lowest possible rate. With our teams twenty years experience in domestic and off-shore processing you have curated knowledge from trusted experts.

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DigiPay Consulting Group brings the transparency and the independent advice you need to reduce the cost of processing payments and create an omni-channel payment strategy. As an independent payment service provider with direct and partner banking relationships we are uniquely positioned to provide payments as a service.

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Our payment gateway functions as a power strip connected to a complete line of plug and play tools to help you streamline operations. High-risk? Our proprietary integrations are engineered to prevent chargebacks and fraud before they happen.

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We're always looking for new partners and agent offices.

Are you a bank?  We can place merchant declines so you maintain the relationship.

Are you an ISO or agent?  We can place your high-risk merchants and find solutions for merchants with complex needs.

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