Fraud & Chargeback Management

Stop Friendly Fraud with DigiPay's "Know Your Customer 360"

A Holistic Approach To Fraud Prevention & Chargeback Management

Preventing chargebacks and fraud is essential to maintain a healthy merchant account, and to avoid your account being frozen, or terminated. Using a single interface, we provide access to our global network of major card issuing banks and our award winning Chargeback Management Program.

We've Got You Covered:

  • Prevent Chargebacks and Friendly Fraud with DigiPay’s 360 degree view of your customers (KYC360)
  • KYC360 Will Limit or Block Problem Customers’ Spending
  • KYC360 Will Limit or Block Problem Affiliate Marketers
  • Improve Your Fraud Prevention by Cancelling Orders Confirmed by the Cardholder As Fraud
  • Improve Cash Flow by Avoiding Reserve Accounts
  • Custom Fraud Rules and Filters Prevent Loss
  • Velocity Checking Prevents Hacking
Fraud Prevention Investigation (FPI)

DigiPay's FPI includes multiple layers of security to detect and avoid criminal intrusion and fraudulent transactions. With our intelligent velocity checking merchants can set rules and limits to flag or block unusual transactions.

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